BLAQ style (for the A+)

MBLAQ’s G.O. reveals his close friendship with Park Bo Young

      MBLAQ‘s G.O. revealed his close friendship with actress Park Bo Young through a recent selca post.   On September 28th, G.O. tweeted the photo above and wrote, Bo Young, you’ve been through a lot.”   It looks like they took the photo at an airport, presumably in either Korea or Peru. The two volunteered for a special […]

MBLAQ is back!

MBLAQ released their new MV for “Mona Lisa” it’s clear that we can no longer call them boys but rather grown men! Fans have been spazzing over their new song and MV saying “Either Korean A+s, Japanese A+s, or International A+s from all over the world, we are bonded together by MBLAQ-ism… They had work […]

MBLAQ releases Japanese PV for “Your Luv”

MBLAQ have kicked off their debut activities by unleashing the MV for their new song, “Your Luv“. They’re notorious back in Korea for their sharp dance moves, and it looks like the boys are aiming to establish that same reputation in Japan. Playing with the concepts of ‘night’ and ‘day’, they’re seen tearing up the […]

Lee Joon to become a new MC for “100 points out of 100″?

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is becoming a popular figure on the variety show ”100 Points out of 100“, thanks to his goofy, off-the-wall antics and droll humor. Indeed, MC Park Myung Soo noted some potential and decided to switch places with Lee Joon during a corner called “Talk Candidly”. When questioned, Park Myung Soo declared, “I will train Lee Joon […]

MBLAQ reveals their childhood photos!

  On the upcoming episode of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News“, MBLAQ will be revealing their childhood photos. Lee Joon showed off his passport photo, which was taken around the time of his “Ninja Assassin” role. He explained, “It was taken in a rush a few weeks before I had to go overseas. I look a bit tired […]

Lee Joon’s pre-debut photos as a dancer

Recently past photos of MBLAQ Lee Joon’s dance performances have been receiving a lot of interest from fans and netizens alike. With the title, “The Days of the Dance Genius”, pictures of Lee Joon’s performances were uploaded on an online community site. In these pictures, fans were able to see Lee Joon’s powerful, confident performance that he […]

Say hello to Mir’s new family member, Soju!

Mir is currently recuperating from his spinal injury, but that hasn’t stopped him from abusing his camera to take photos of his new pride and joy, ‘Soju’! Recently, MBLAQ’s maknae took to his Twitter to show off his new puppy. Fans were puzzled about Mir’s choice for the dog’s name, since ‘Soju’ is a Korean alcoholic drink – it would […]