SNSD Girls

Comebacks to look forward too!

Since it’s the start of 2013, it means its time for a fresh spin on idols and their images,songs, and dances. Let’s take a look at what to expect this 2013! SNSD /Girl’s Generation-  “I got a boy” The girls kicked off the new year with a unique song that mashed two different sounds and […]

SNSD’s Taeyeon chosen as the #1 female idol to date during winter’s first snowfall

  A recent poll concluded that SNSD‘s leader Taeyeon was the #1 celebrity that people wanted to have a date with during winter’s first snowfall. From November 10th to the 30th, a Seoul cosmetics surgery site conducted the survey, which drew 1,102 netizen votes. Results show that 41.1% (453 votes) went to SNSD’s Taeyeon, making her the most […]

SNSD’s latest diet plan revealed

I might have to try this out XD Ever wondered how SNSD maintained their slim figures? During the SBS Lunar New Year special, “Star, What Are You Doing?”, SNSD’s trainer (Kim Ji Hoon) revealed some details about their diets. “Before an important broadcast or a concert, the girls eat about 1500 calories,” he explained. “They would usually […]