B2UTY and the B2ST

B2ST’s Yoseob shares a video of himself riding a tricycle

  B2ST‘s Yoseob brought out his inner kid recently when he saw a tricycle on set. On December 1st, Yoseob posted a video through his Twitter and wrote, “Heavyweight Biker.” The idol is seen zooming around on set in a children’s tricycle, which makes the girl holding the camera complain, “You’re going so fast~” Yoseob laughs sheepishly and tells […]

July’s Kpop Cutie of The Month is…

LEE KIKWANG OF B2ST! All of the B2UTYS have claimed a victory! Lee KiKwang is the first B2ST member to become a Kpop Cutie of the Month, CONGRATS KIKI! ^^ here was how the vote went:  

B2st Yang Yoseob persuades his runaway to return home.

  B2ST’s Yoseob was revealed to have persuaded one of his runaway fans to return home. According to reports, a woman had visited the Cube Entertainment office looking for her daughter, who had run away from home with hopes of meeting Yoseob. Because she did not return home the previous night, the mom felt she had […]

BEAST releases dance practice video of “Fiction”

Its no doubt that BEAST is back in action, this time with their new hit single “Fiction” which is causing a sensation all across Asia. This time the boys unveil their practice video with a little tutorial from their main choreographer, Haw. The practice video opens with there mello song “The Fact” with two dancers […]

B2ST is back with their first MV off of their first album “Fiction and Fact”

After dropping their spectacular first full album,”Fiction and Fact” , the boys of B2ST have now unleashed the MV for their title track, “Fiction“! “Fiction” is a song that features sorrowful lyrics with an addictive piano riff that tells the story of a man (Junhyung) who refuses to accept the loss of his love (Park Bo Young). Although the […]

B2ST to hold their first fan meet + fanclub inauguration

  For the first time since their debut, B2ST will hold a fan meeting on April 2nd at Koryeo University. It’s a particularly special event because it’ll also host the inauguration ceremony for their fanclub, “B2UTY“! Currently, their fanclub has 180,000 official members. 5,000 of those lucky fans will get to meet with the boys as […]

Kikwang and Yoseob take selcas together

B2ST’s Kikwang and Yoseob turned into cute little grade school kids for a set of selca photos. Kikwang uploaded the pictures onto his Twitter and wrote, “100 Points Out of 100 with Yoseob.” The photos were taken from the set of the popular show. Judging by their bright smiles, it seems that the boys really enjoyed their time there. Netizens […]