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Wonder Girls’ Sun Gets Married!

ImageToday is a very special day for the Wonder Girl’s Sun as she embarks in the next chapter of her life as a wife. As we speak Sun is getting married! The event is at the Lotte Hotel and is full of stars but none are shinning as brightly as the bride herself, Sun! This photo is a photo showing the bride before the ceremony in her gown radiating pure happiness. The wedding will be orchestrated by fellow JYP mate, JoKwon. Yenny will be singing the congratulatory song along with J.Y Park himself and many of the other label mates will take part in the wedding, minus 2PM and Miss A. Stars attending this joyful event are: Girls Generation’s Seohyun, Tiffany, Soohyun, and Yoona. JJ Project, San E, Younha, Bada, Noel, Ahn HyeWon, Park KyungLim, 2AM, Wonder Girls, J.Y. Park  and many more!

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We wish Sun a happy and prosperous married life!

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January’s K-pop Cutie of the Month 2013 edition!!

Let’s start off the new year the K pop paradise way shall we?

Now I know it has been oh so long since the last time we did the KCOTM segment but I am proud to say that it is back! This time around, I will be taking suggestions for who you want to put on the poll. We will have a Kpop male and female of the month! How do you get involved in the nomination process? It’s  as easy as 1,2,3!

1)PICK YOUR NOMINEES! One female and one male nomination from each person.

2)COMMENT BELOW OR MENTION ME ON TWITTER WITH YOUR NOMINEES! My twitter is @emi_martini  just mention me or comment   below with your nominations.

3)WHEN THE POLL BECOMES AVAILABLE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! There will be two polls, one for the male Kpop cutie and the other for the female kpop cutie.

There is only one rule to this! Past Kpop cuties cannot be re-nominated!

with that said, let the nomination process BEGIN!!

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Comebacks to look forward too!

Since it’s the start of 2013, it means its time for a fresh spin on idols and their images,songs, and dances. Let’s take a look at what to expect this 2013!

SNSD /Girl’s Generation-  “I got a boy”


The girls kicked off the new year with a unique song that mashed two different sounds and made it one song.  Hands down this song is forever dubbed “ICONIC.” We all know that SM’s intent with the girls was to make them the best of the best, innovators, and a step ahead of everyone else. With this song, even though it is quite confusing the first time you hear it, it’s actually really great! The choreography takes SNSD to a new level out of their usual high heels and into their sneakers for a more ghetto chic image. They enter the realm of unfamiliar territory and totally blew us all out of the water with those bad ass dance skills! Think about it, the song is constantly changing and there is never truly a moment where the beat stays the same; the constant switch up makes it almost nearly impossible to learn the dance and stay in pace with everyone else. These girls are able to get the job done and executed perfectly!

CN Blue- “I’m sorry”

CN to the Blue

  CN Blue’s comeback has been garnering a lot of attention this time around. However, I’m not surprised, these talented group of men can capture anyone’s heart with just their instruments… ok that sounded kind of weird so i’ll rephrase; they have been able to capture so much attention because they really are talented. Their new mini-album is called “Re: Blue” which basically means the rebirth of CN Blue. I really enjoy the whole phoenix concept they have going on now. However, i really don’t find the re-invention  needed because they are a great band and the music they have produced before was absolutely amazing but i guess since it IS the Korean music industry, re- invention is needed, I mean every group goes through a point of re-invention; look at B1A4, Boyfriend, SNSD, SHINee, etc.. Anywho, the video for “I’m sorry” was released last night and it really showed the edgier side of CN Blue. The song in all honestly is awesome, the view actually shocked me a bit. I wasnt expecting Jungshin to actually assault a women using flowers but I guess it is a part of this rebellious concept they have going on throughout the video. Overall, it’s exceptionally enjoyable.

B.A.P- “Rain Sound”

BAPRain WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE GAME?! the answer is actually the “Rain Sound!” They’re making a comeback with a balllad that will leave you wanting more! Well, in the words of L.L Cool J “Dont call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” Although they haven’t been around for years, (they are actually about to make 1 year together as B.A.P) that is exactly how they come across, like they have been performing on stage for years! Anywho,  The MV was released today and I must say it left me a bit on the iffy side. I am actually a Baby so for me to say that i really dont dig the video kind of kills me inside. The song itself is actually really great. I enjoyed the really acoustic feel that was given off. I really loved the song actually, their voices were absolutely smooth and portrayed the meaning of the song extremely well. It’s nice to see them back in their original B.A.P concept and not with the whole cute concept (dont get me wrong, I actually adored their cute image for ‘Stop it’ and ‘Crash.’) This is actually a really great ballad and the rapping is spectacular, it really shows a softer yet still masculine side of B.A.P. The video…it’s not my favorite but the boys look really handsome and their acting is impressive but what i really didnt enjoy was the whole mannequin thing they had going on…it kind of crept me out. Like the part where Youngjae was crying over the mannequin and then felt it’s breast (well at least that’s what it looked like to me) that part was actually funny, but I just really dont like mannequins…BLAME IT ON HORROR FILMS OK?!

All in all these are the comebacks that are really bound to be strong and have high levels of popularity with these songs. With that being said, be on the look out for the next batch of comebacks…speaking of which, LOOK FORWARD FOR THE NEXT KPOP CUTIE OF THE MONTH POLL!

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2PM’s Junho & Chansung pose after working out


2PM‘s Junho shared a hot photo taken with fellow groupmate, Chansung during an intense workout.

On May 12th, the idol tweeted, “Ah, I’m working out!! Keke.  Today is a bright day like our Hottests [2PM’s official fan club] who shine like the star.  So here’s a present.”

Wearing matching black tank tops, the boys revealed their masculine shoulders after a hot workout, doing justice to the group’s reputation as ‘beast idols’.

Fans were pleased by the eye candy, remarking, “They aren’t called Beast Idols for nothing“, “Ah~ My Junho is so cute“, and “I want to see you guys on the stage again!

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk shares his thoughts on performing at the Tokyo Dome


Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently revealed his thoughts on bringing the Super Show 4 tour to Japan’s iconic Tokyo Dome, a 55,000-seat stadium that has become a dream stage for many artists hoping to breakthrough within the Japanese market.

The Tokyo Dome, to be quite honest, is a difficult venue to perform in unless you’re an established artist,” said Leeteuk at a Super Show 4 press conference in Japan. “In a short amount of time, we have received the chance to perform a show here despite the fact that we haven’t promoted in Japan.”

There are a number of Hallyu artists that are popular in Japan, but Super Junior has broken the mold of idol groups with an image that is completely different from theirs. I believe that this is one of the strengths of Super Junior,” continued the leader. “Hallyu stars like Bae Yong Joon and Lee Byung Hun have all successfully established themselves overseas with a mysterious and charismatic image. Super Junior, however, breaks that image in an effort to frequently show our fans a more free-spirited and approachable side of ourselves, which in turn helped us receive much love and support from the public.

Even though we haven’t properly promoted in Japan yet, I believe it was by various online sources such as YouTube and social networking sites that gave our Japanese fans access to the dramas that our members were in, our work as radio program DJs, as well as our music videos that gave them the chance to get to know us as and our work,” concluded Leeteuk.

The Super Show originated in 2007, and has launched three separate times as Asia Tours. Ever since its first show, the Super Show concerts have become one of the key factors that have shaped up Super Junior’s global fan base and support. Currently, the 4th Super Show is the first tour to include dates outside of Asia.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be returning to the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on May 26th and 27th to play additional encore shows.


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U-KISS releases 6th mini album ‘DORADORA’!



Idol group U-KISS is finally back with the release of their 6th mini album ‘DORADORA‘!

Their title song “DORADORA” is a powerful dance track that lays a funky beat as the foundation, and well combines a bit of Dubstep. The melodically charismatic beat of the song will be sure to display U-KISS’ unique masculine charm that sets them apart from other idols out there.

Additional pop dance track “For You (4 U)” was composed by Jay Park, and it is an exciting, up-tempo song that is easy to sing along with, thanks to the repetitive lyrics and easy melody.


MV —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vfiaNtF9B4




Em reviews B.A.P’s “Warrior” Song & MV

Ever since the announcement of the upcoming rookie group B.A.P was made, K-poppers all over the world have been keeping their eyes on the calendar, marking it for their official debut date. After a few months of waiting and one 27 second teaser later, we finally get to view the whole MV and I must say, it did set them apart from most of the rookie groups that have debuted recently. Being one of the first new rookie groups to make their debut in the new year, they surly put a spin on the traditional debut image of “Flower boys” and turned it into full on street mode. Let’s dive into the song shall we?

First things first, Yongguk the leader/main rapper has a really deep voice. I wasn’t really expecting the song to start off with a rap but it actually added to what I suppose is the meaning of the entire song. The only complaint that I have about the opening rap was the fact that there was a segment where he would say for example: “What’s your B?” and then he would move on to the following letters of A and P (or as he said it, Pay/Pey?) The only problem that I had with this was, what exactly is my B, or my A or P? I didn’t even know I had any! Of course giving them the benefit of the doubt, I searched up the possible meaning and I discovered that B.A.P stands for “Best. Absolute. Perfect.” This kind of helped the song make more sense but not much, however I will let it slide because, in short, we are all human and we are susceptible to making mistakes. It’s not even their fault, it’s just the song writer (Dont hate on me, I’m just being honest!)

Moving on, The song in general has this beat marching band and dubstep feel to it. Usually when you think of these two types as a combination, you would think that  putting them together would cause a disaster on steroids but with the manner they used it, it was actually a smooth transition. Not that many songs can have that type of fluidity but I will admit that the first time I heard it was a bit unsure about my feelings towards the song. At first I thought it started out a bit messy but as it progressed into the chorus it all came together well. I am not saying that I don’t like this song, actually I just uploaded it onto my ipod and am currently blasting it on full force from my headphones. The chorus really sticks to you and Yongguk’s deep voice really shines when he says “Warrior.” I really found that to be my second favorite part of the song, my absolute favorite part of the song is Zelo’s rap. I swear I was mind-boggled when I heard him deliver his rap without taking a breath. Hands down the best part of the song in my opinion.

As for the lyrics, I really like them and I find them hardcore but when I read the lyrics it felt like someone preaching. I swear as I was reading them, I felt like I entered the holy chapel of B.A.P where you worship the all might bunny who knows how to work turntables (Who wouldnt want to praise or worship that? It’s not everyday that you see a bunny dj.) Other than that I thought it was awesome and I really want you all to form your own opinions on the song and MV so just type in what you think in the comment box below.


Welcome to the chapel of B.A.P-ism, where walls are covered in graffiti and instead of having pews you get to sit on the top of spray painted cars and for decoration, chains hanging from the ceiling! Haha I actually found the MV quite suiting for the song and represents the boys perfectly as they set their image as a group apart from the rest of the rookie groups.

I’m going to dive straight into the main thing about this video that I loved the most, the dance. Usually you’d think a group with the street image and this kind of song would having crumping and break dancing (and it did but not a lot) but B.A.P actually brought a style of dancing that I believe no other group has used, they used Stomp. Just in case you are wondering what Stomp dancing really is, well it’s stopping but with rhythm along with clapping. I really enjoyed that break at 2: 43 where they stopped the music and picked up the beat with their stomps and claps, you really wouldn’t expect that from a rookie group which really makes me think that they set the bar for future rookie groups who would like to debut with the same type of image.

The “We ride together, we dye together” hair. I know some of you will question why they all have blond hair and there is only one way that I could get you to understand. Have you heard of the dance crew called the Jabbawockeez? The guys who dance with masks on from America’s best Dance Crew? The reason why they danced with the masks is so that none of the members could really stand out when they were dancing, which means that instead of focusing in on one individual, you would focus on them all. The same goes for B.A.P which I believe is pretty cool.

The bunny…aren’t bunnies usually peaceful figures? I really dont know why but the bunny in this video was destructive x10 AND he could dj. Now that’s what I call talent! I joke, anyways, I have yet discovered the actual purpose of the bunny. I know it’s their group icon but I dont know why they give each individual their own bunny, for example: Himchan’s bunny is pink, while Youngjae’s is yellow.  I dont quite understand what the different colored bunnies represent but if you know, PLEASE I BEG YOU TO TELL ME!

All in all, B.A.P is already a force to be reckoned with and by golly they got me worshiping their bunny! Keep an eye on them and watch them turn into the leading group of the next generation!

That’s all for my review! Here is the MV with English subtitles, let me know what you think of the video in the comment box below!

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