KPCOTM (Kpop Cutie of The Month

January’s K-pop Cutie of the Month 2013 edition!!

Let’s start off the new year the K pop paradise way shall we? Now I know it has been oh so long since the last time we did the KCOTM segment but I am proud to say that it is back! This time around, I will be taking suggestions for who you want to put […]

July’s Kpop Cutie of The Month is…

LEE KIKWANG OF B2ST! All of the B2UTYS have claimed a victory! Lee KiKwang is the first B2ST member to become a Kpop Cutie of the Month, CONGRATS KIKI! ^^ here was how the vote went:  

Kpop cutie of the Month Voting Poll!

    (Picture: Last month’s Kpop Cutie: Jo Youngmin of Boyfriend) It’s about that time of the month again (no girls, i’m not talking about THAT time of the month) Its time to vote for the next Kpop Cutie of The Month! We have taken all your nominees and gathered them on our voting poll; […]

June’s Kpop Cutie Of The Month is Jo Youngmin!

 this months Kpop Cutie is Jo Youngmin for Boyfriend! not only is he the new kpop cutie, but he is also THE YOUNGEST KPOP CUTIE TO JOIN THE CLUB AT THE AGE OF 15!!! Congrats Youngmin, we all wish you and your group the most success! here was how the voting went [Admin Emily Update] […]

Vote for June’s Kpop Cutie of The Month Here!!!

It’s voting time! Vote you think is worthy to join the Cutie hall of fame! who will be next? We leave that decision in your hands, the poll will only be open for today so make sure you spread the word!

May’s Kpop Cutie Of The Month is….KIM JONGHYUN

It seems like SHINee remains champion once again taking the win for KPOP CUTIE OF THE MONTH! This Month’s cutie of the month is none other than the power house vocalist Kim Jonghyun! Who could ever resist this cutie’s charm and charisma, NO WONDER WHY HE WON WITH SO MANY VOTES!!! Congrats, Kim Jonghyun! Here […]


The time has come to vote for May’s Kpop Cutie! You nominated and we listened! you can vote all this week until the 26th, thats when the winner will be revealed! Who will be next? Will another SHINee member take the win? Or will a new band claim the title…Let the battle of the fandoms […]