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January’s K-pop Cutie of the Month 2013 edition!!

Let’s start off the new year the K pop paradise way shall we?

Now I know it has been oh so long since the last time we did the KCOTM segment but I am proud to say that it is back! This time around, I will be taking suggestions for who you want to put on the poll. We will have a Kpop male and female of the month! How do you get involved in the nomination process? It’s  as easy as 1,2,3!

1)PICK YOUR NOMINEES! One female and one male nomination from each person.

2)COMMENT BELOW OR MENTION ME ON TWITTER WITH YOUR NOMINEES! My twitter is @emi_martini  just mention me or comment   below with your nominations.

3)WHEN THE POLL BECOMES AVAILABLE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! There will be two polls, one for the male Kpop cutie and the other for the female kpop cutie.

There is only one rule to this! Past Kpop cuties cannot be re-nominated!

with that said, let the nomination process BEGIN!!


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