U-kiss me (for the kissmes)

U-KISS releases 6th mini album ‘DORADORA’!

  Idol group U-KISS is finally back with the release of their 6th mini album ‘DORADORA‘! Their title song “DORADORA” is a powerful dance track that lays a funky beat as the foundation, and well combines a bit of Dubstep. The melodically charismatic beat of the song will be sure to display U-KISS’ unique masculine charm that […]

U-KISS member Dongho recovers just in time for Japanese “Tick Tack” promotions

U-KISS member Dongho who previously fractured his tailbone has now recovered and will be promoting in Japan with his fellow members. Last month, Dongho began experiencing abnormal pain especially near his hips and after visiting with a doctor, it was discovered that he had fractured his tail bone. He received treatment, but the pain was […]

Ukiss Tick Tack

  Earlier, it was reported that U-KISS was in the midst of preparations for their Japanese album, scheduled to be released at the end of the year. Patient fans were finally rewarded with a glimpse at their new Japanese music video for “Tick Tack”through a preview aired through Japan’s Fuji TV network last week, and a full audio version a few days ago –  generating much […]

U-KISS’s Hoon and Dongho cast for new TV movie, ‘Holiday’

U-KISS‘s Hoon and Dongho have been cast for an upcoming made-for-TV movie called ‘Holiday‘! These members of U-KISS have enjoyed extensive experience in the acting industry like ‘Royal Family‘, ‘My Black Mini-Dress‘, ‘Mister Idol‘, ‘Don’t Cry Mommy‘ and ‘Real School‘. ‘Holiday’ will round out to be the sixth project that the group wlil be undertaking, […]

NH Media cancels a day of U-KISS’s schedule to let the boys rest

U-KISS has canceled all of their schedules for September 27th to give the boys some rest from their extremely stressful schedules. On September 27th, NH Media announced, “U-KISS will be canceling everything they have scheduled to take time off and rest.” Since their “Neverland” comeback, the boys have been traveling all over the world to […]

U-Kiss reveals “Neverland” MV

U-Kiss is back and they want to take you with them to their Neverland! August 31st was the official release date of the video all Kissme’s had been waiting for!  In just two day, not only did they reach a stunning view count of 205,700, BUT they also managed to top the Hanteo charts as […]

U-Kiss reveals their new Comeback Teaser “Neverland”

  U-kiss is back in action kissme’s! Today was the official release date for their first Comeback Teaser for their new song “Neverland.” The boys decided to kick their flower boy image to the curb and come back with what is literally a chilly bad boy concept. Kissme’s world wide have already been sent to […]