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Annyeong :)Misz…


Annyeong 🙂

Miszteukmin imnida 🙂

17 yrs. old , from Philippines.

I’m the new admin of Kpop paradise ,

Its really my pleasure to be chose as one of the admins,

Im looking forward to make kpop blogs that kpop addicts out there like me will surely love 🙂


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U-KISS member Dongho recovers just in time for Japanese “Tick Tack” promotions

U-KISS member Dongho who previously fractured his tailbone has now recovered and will be promoting in Japan with his fellow members.

Last month, Dongho began experiencing abnormal pain especially near his hips and after visiting with a doctor, it was discovered that he had fractured his tail bone. He received treatment, but the pain was consistent. It looked as though much time was needed to recover, and that it would be hard for him to pull off intense dance moves on stage.

An insider from U-KISS management informed StarNews on the 13th, “Dongho previously hurt his tailbone while filming an action scene for a movie, but has now completely recovered. He has been in Japan for the last few weeks visiting different cities and attending fan meet-and-greets as well as interviews, just as planned.”

After receiving an offer from AVEX, one of the largest entertainment labels in Japan, U-KISS just released their Japanese debut single “Tick Tack” on December 14th to officially kick off their Japanese promotions. This is the very first time U-KISS has released an album recorded completely in Japanese. After actively promoting for some time, the boys plan on holding an independent performance.


~Admin Hee-jin Update


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miss A’s Min injures her neck


miss A‘s Min has revealed that she’s injured her neck.

Min tweeted on November 29th, “The first ever miss A signed neck brace!” In her photo, the idol is seen pouting in her neck brace, while fellow member Jia sympathizes. Understandably, the sight has made many fans concerned.

They commented, “Then are you still able to appear on ‘MAMA‘?”, “You need to heal quickly!”, “News of unni has been scarce lately so I’ve been worried,” and “Get well soon!

~Admin hee-jin Update

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2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards exceeds expectations in Singapore


The 2011 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) which was held at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium on November 29th far exceeded the expectations of the viewers and audience of over 10,000 guests alike.

The stage was created to model the Chinese character for ‘Human‘, and appeared to be an enormous space station. The slogan for this year’s MAMA was ‘Music Makes One‘, meaning all the Asians in the world are able to become one through the medium of music.



The first performance was one by rockband YB, followed by hip hop group Dynamic Duo as well asSimon D, causing the audience to go wild from the get-go.

A collaboration performance of Chinese pianist Lang Lang and B2ST received an explosive response from the fans, and a sensual kiss performance by Trouble Maker, a unit made up of B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung and 4Minute‘s HyunA, left the crowd surprised but thrilled.



miss A delivered a special performance of “Goodbye Baby Goodbye“, including folding fans and martial arts moves in their choreography. A performance of Kim Hyun Joong‘s “Lucky Guy“and 2NE1with “I Am The Best” was enough to leave the audience members overwhelmed.

The performances by artists overseas was equally impressive. J-POP star Koda Kumi lived up to her title as ‘Performance queen’, captivating the audience with her vocals and followed it up with a sexy and powerful performance. Legendary west coast rappers Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg performed “The Next Episode” which got everyone putting their hands up to the beat.

Furthermore, the rousing cheers continued with will.i.am performing “The Hardest Ever” andapl.de.ap‘s performance of “We Can Do Anything“. The crowd went wild when the two continued to perform the Black Eyed Peas‘ hit song “Where is the Love” with 2NE1′s CL.



The ladies of SNSD hung from high swings on stage, a performance only seen at their previous independent concert, surprising the MAMA guests and fans alike. Super Junior easily drew the attention of the audience as they put on their performance, going back and forth from the audience members and the stage. 100 back dancers joined them in the end to put on a Blockbuster movie-like performance that was extremely well-synchronized.

But that wasn’t all. 2NE1, B2ST, miss A, Dynamic Duo, A Pink, and more showcased their individual charms and unique colors to continuously receive an explosive response from the fans. The Super Star K3 contestants also performed on stage including ChristinaTwo MonthsSon Ye Rim and of course, the winners- Ooh La La Session. Various artists also collaborated to perform by genre and by group, an event that can only be seen at the MAMA.



With the increasing popularity of Korean movies and dramas, the top Hallyu actors and actresses were also in attendance. The line-up included international star Lee Byung Hun, as well as Kim Hee Sun,Song Seung HunHan Hyo JooYoon Eun HyeHan Chae YoungGo SooSong Joong KiKim Soo HyunNam GyuriPark Si YeonGong Hyung JinKim Sung SooYoon Seung AhOh Ji Ho, and more. These stars presented the awards during the actual ceremony, and their attendance alone was enough to once again drive the crowd wild.

This year’s MAMA proved that it was not just another award ceremony. It further emphasized the impact of popular idols today. The awards went to the top Hallyu stars, and different from last year’s show which only consisted of a few different entertainment labels, top management company SM Entertainment was in attendance to bring up the atmosphere.

SM Entertainment artists such as SNSD and Super Junior performed to further enrich the show. The SNSD ladies put on a re-made, faster version of “The Boys” while Super Junior performed “Mr. Simple” and “Sorry Sorry“, both phenomenal tracks with intense beats.



This was the second MAMA to be held overseas after last year’s event in Macau, and Mnet feels proud to have accomplished such a large and spectacular stage.

A representative from CJ E&M remarked, “We started planning for this project since early July. We are thrilled to receive such an explosive reaction from the fans“.

CJ E&M plans to put on a grammy-like award ceremony next year, and they are also pushing ahead for a performance overseas thanks to official sponsors like authentic Korean food brand, Bibigo, etc.

CJ E&M head representative Kim Sung Soo stated during a press conference, “We want to create a music festival that exceeds the standards of the Grammys in America. We will not stop at only Asian Music, but will continue to incorporate more and more American music as well“.


~Admin Hee-jin Update


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Leeteuk & Eunhyuk to be replaced by Sungmin & Ryeowook on ‘Kiss the Radio’


After five long years and three months of hosting KBS Cool FM‘s “Kiss the Radio,” it was announced today that Super Junior members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will be passing the radio host baton onto fellow bandmates Sungmin and Ryeowook.

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s increased activities have been cited as the reasons behind this departure, as the duo has been busy with television programs, musical performances and packed personal schedules. The December 4th broadcast will mark Leeteuk and Eunhyuk’s final episode on the show, with Sungmin and Ryeowook scheduled to fill in directly after.

Although groups like SNSD and INFINITE were reportedly interested in succeeding Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, the show’s producers insisted on maintaining the “Super Junior” element of the show, making a special request for Sungmin and Ryeowook to take on the DJ positions.

~Admin Hee-jin Update

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Big Bang’s Daesung to make his official comeback in December

Big Bang‘s Daesung, who withdrew from all activities after his car accident earlier this year, will be officially returning to entertainment in December.

Daesung’s first official appearance will take place on December 4th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the ‘YG Family Concert‘. This will be the first time in 7 months that Daesung will perform on stage.

The idol will also be attending the press conference for his upcoming weekend drama, ‘What’s Up‘, on December 6th at a wedding hall in Nonhyung-dong. Accompanied by co-stars Im Joo HwanLee Soo HyukJang Hee Jin, and scriptwriter Song Ji Na, Daesung will reveal his feelings about his first acting experience.

With the return to his activities in Korea, Daesung also plans to participate in all of his overseas events. He will meet fans in Japan through the ‘YG Family Concert’ in January 2012, both at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka and at the Super Arena in Saitama.

On November 29th, a representative from the YG Entertainment stated, “Because the details of Big Bang’s activities have yet to be confirmed, we aren’t able to reveal detailed information about Daesung’s activities. However, Daesung is planning to participate in all of the schedules that have been made thus far.”

Daesung was involved in an accident back in May, where he hit a fallen motorcyclist. In August, police investigations proclaimed that Daesung was not at fault, and thus was released from any charges.


~Admin Hee-hin Update

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Super Junior’s Shindong and AA’s Woosang reunite backstage


AA and Super Junior‘s Shindong snapped a photo together.

Member Woosang tweeted, “It’s been so long since I’ve been with Shindong-hyung. Now, he is not a hyung, but a sunbae. Thank you for taking care of me until the end of that day.”

The members and Shindong met backstage during Music Bank‘s latest episode.

Woosang and Shindong have known each other since 2007, when Woosang was a choreography director for Super Junior’s “Rokkugo“, “Don’t Don“, and “Thirst (A Man in Love)“.

On that day, Shindong saw Woosang, congratulated him on his debut, and gave him advice about his new life as a singer.

Woosang said, “It feels like a dream to converse with such a sunbae in the same dressing room. I’m so happy that all my dreams are finally coming true. I am thankful of Super Junior, who made me who I am today. I will become a great singer and a hubae to be proud of.”

~Admin Hee-jin Update